Commercial for the Supermarket
"MPREIS" www.mpreis.at

"MPREIS" is an Austrian supermarket chain that runs over 180 markets in the area of Tyrol, South Tyrol, Carinthia and Salzburg. It's known for its individual architectural design for each market.
Since "MPREIS" puts emphasis on a big range of regional goods the commercial should encourage the audience to a sensible and regional buying.

The shopping cart standing for "MPREIS" is the connection between local farmers who supply the supermarket and the consumers who buy their goods.
The spot brings them closer together. Regional products get on the shelves of supermarkets more directly and much quicker. Since they only have a short distance to travel they are eco-friendly and are still fresh when the reach the end-consumer.

In the spot the cart is used as a supportive tool for the farmers. It refers to the Supermarket chain "MPREIS" which is an important purchaser for all the local farmers.

By taking the cart out of its ordinary environment I created an irritating situation that is supposed to catch the attention of the audience.

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