Corporate design

The "Mediencafe" is a versatile place. Apart form the drink menu there is a remarkable wide range of different newspapers, magazines and comics available as well as computers with free Internet access. Furthermore it offers a wide variety of DVDs for rent. Most of these movies are not mainstream and hard to find. Movie screenings, readings and exhibitions take place on a regular bases. The owners like to keep there concept as flexible as possible. They even recompose their furniture every once in a while. They are always open for new ideas and changes.

When I came across the Tangram which is a puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans which form shapes when put together, it immediately attracted my attention. I noticed that many variations were possible. The attributes of a Tangram fit the concept of the "mediencafe": Flexibility, agility, three-dimensionality and changeability.
My logo consists of lower case letters. They are less rigorous and rigid and more mobile. I looked for an analogical realization to give the logo a more personal and unfinished character. I decided to print all letters by using the Linocut Printmaking Technique.

First I designed the flyer that provides information about the ongoing movie program. Inspired by
the old cinema scoreboards I structured the information with horizontal lines. On top of that I worked with three different fonts to visualize a classic but fresh, vital and unique appearance. I chose a rough paper with a yellow tint. With its cozy and welcoming qualities I evened out the heaviness of the black lettering. It worked out well and I adapted the design to all other forms shown on the next